How do I sign up?
Join our CSA in two easy steps:

1) Click here to complete the online Membership Agreement.

2) Watch your email for an electronic invoice and use it to make your payment. If we do not receive payment within one week, we will discard your Membership Agreement and make the spot available to others.

What can I expect?
The Freezer Meat CSA includes the following:

TWENTY PASTURE-RAISED CHICKENS Our chickens are raised on pasture, where forages, insects, and exercise make flavorful chicken that "tastes like it used to." Subscribers pick up frozen chickens on the farm in installments over the course of the season.

QUARTER PASTURE-RAISED BEEF A quarter of beef, or "split side," usually amounts to 95-140 lbs. hanging weight (the weight of the carcass before it is processed into cuts). Expect the volume of a quarter of packaged beef to fill a laundry basket. 

HALF PASTURE-RAISED HOG Half of one of our heritage breed hogs averages between 90 and 120 lbs. hanging weight. As with the beef, you can expect the volume of a half hog in packages to fill a laundry basket.

ONE FRESH PASTURE-RAISED THANKSGIVING TURKEY Our broad-breasted white turkeys have large breasts and legs similar to the turkeys you find at the grocery store. (That, however, is where the similarities end.) You will pick up your turkey on the farm in November, before the holiday.

What does it cost?
Freezer Meat CSA members receive a 5% discount on the estimated total cost of the share. Here's how it breaks down:

20 meat chickens (4.5 lb average @ $4.25/lb) = $382.50
Split-side freezer beef ($5.50/lb x 116 lb hanging weight) = $640
Half hog ($4.95/lb x 106 lb hanging weight) = $525
Broad-breasted white Thanksgiving turkey (16 lb average @ $4.25/lb) = $80

less 5% = $1546