Community Supported Agriculture
at Light Rail Cafe

CSA with a farmers market atmosphere! Chat with your farmers, trade recipes with fellow CSA members, and taste how the chefs at Light Rail, The Garden, and Cerulean are using the very same ingredients you’re taking home every week. 

How do I sign up?

***We are not accepting signups at this time***

Join our CSA in two easy steps:

1) Click here to complete the online Membership Agreement.

2) Watch your email for an electronic invoice and use it to make your payment. If we do not receive payment within one week, we will discard your Membership Agreement and make the spot available to others.

What is included?
Members may sign up for THE VEGETABLE CSA or the FARM SHARE. Details below.

The Vegetable CSA
The Vegetable CSA provides you and your family with a weekly selection of freshly harvested in-season produce. We plant our garden with plenty of popular vegetables—like carrots, lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes, green beans, sweet corn, garlic, onions, and potatoes—and we build our shares around familiar items. We also include a variety of specialty vegetables throughout the season.

Members receive ten items per week, on average, depending on how the gardens are growing. In order to provide you with a degree of choice, we stipulate how many items you make take from a category of produce, but not which items. So, for example, CSA members may receive two bunches of roots as part of their share in a given week, but it’s up to you decide whether you want carrots, radishes, beets, or salad turnips and in what combination. 

Ultimately, the weather determines the contents of each week’s share, but we strive for something like this:

2 bags of greens (e.g. lettuce mix, spinach, baby kale, arugula)
1 bunch of greens (e.g. kale, collard greens, Swiss chard)
2 bunches of roots (e.g. carrots, radishes, beets, salad turnips)
1 allium (e.g. scallions, onions, garlic, leeks)
1 culinary herb (e.g. basil, cilantro, dill)
3 seasonal specialties (e.g. broccoli and snap peas in the spring; tomatoes and sweet corn in the summer; sweet potatoes and butternut squash in the fall)

If you’d like more vegetables than this, we recommend that you purchase them a la carte or sign up for two shares.

The Farm Share
Taste the bounty of the whole farm with the Farm Share:

FRESH VEGETABLES Weekly produce through our Vegetable CSA (see above). 

FRESH EGGS Hand-gathered daily from our flock of garden hens. Brown shells; deep orange yolks. A customer favorite.

PASTURE-RAISED MEATS (FROZEN) Ground beef (1 lb. every week). Whole chicken (every other week). Pork (bratwurst, pulled pork, breakfast sausage, etc., every other week). 

ARTISAN BREAD Fresh from the oven at Light Rail. A rotation of baguettes, brioche rolls, Pain au Levain, and more. One loaf/week.

MICRO-ROAST COFFEE Single origin beans freshly roasted in small batches at Light Rail. Twelve ounces/week.

BRICK OVEN PIZZA Enjoy two pizzas at one of our Fridays on the Farm pizza nights. Summer season only.

THANKSGIVING TURKEY One of our fresh, pasture-raised birds for your holiday table. To receive a Thanksgiving Turkey, members must sign up for a full year or the Autumn season.

How long is the season?
The CSA begins on May 31 and ends on December 13, with a week off in September. 

Or sign up by season, Summer (May 31-August 30) and Autumn (September 13 - December 13).

When and where will I pick up my weekly share?
Thursdays, 4:30-6:30pm, at Light Rail Cafe.

What does it cost?

Full Season: 6 payments of $385
Summer: 3 payments of $375
Autumn: 3 payments of $395

Full Season: $630
Summer: $315
Autumn: $315

Do you offer work shares?
Yes, we offer a limited number of work shares. Click here to learn more.

I want to get my hands dirty! How can I volunteer?
A few times during the year, we organize crop mob-style work parties to complete big projects on the farm, like planting garlic or moving our portable hoop houses. These events present a great opportunity to meet new people, get dirt under your fingernails, and eat lots of brick oven pizza. Watch our email newsletters for more information.